Previous projects


Completed projects ( recently : 2008-2010 )

Construction, restoration and maintenance SIEMENS offices and buildings .

Operation and maintenance Border Guards Airports at Rub’ al Khali ( Empty Quarter).

Construction of supporting facilities at Command and Control System of Royal Saudi Air Force.

Provision of military cloth for Public Security.

Implementation of `Uruq Bani Ma`arid’s (Reserve Area ) runway .

Construction of a hangar at Riyadh Air Base in Central Sector .

Constructions and Buildings of King Saud University.

‏ Supplying  a power station and voltage cables for Riyadh Air Base.

Construction of Health Education Center for Diabetics at  Riyadh Military Hospital.

Supplying water for  Royal Air Force.

Restoration for  King Abdullah Air Base in Western Sector.

Restoration of flying way cracking at King Abdullah Air Base in Western Sector.

Implementation of buildings , warehouses  and restrooms for Hajj Security Forces .

Rehabilitation and improvement of flying way at King Faisal Air Base in Tabuk.

Provision of flying way requirements at King Faisal Air Base’s runway .

Rehabilitation and restoration of  Bat’ha Radar facilities.

Construction of road linking aircraft parking yards at King Fahad Air Base.

Expansion and rehabilitation of aircraft parking yard and rehabilitation gates and exits at King Fahad Air Base .

Provision of military cloth for General Directorate of Passports .

Leveling sand at Arada Airport


Projects under construction

Restoration of Newborns Intensive Care Unit at Riyadh Military Hospital.

Operation and maintenance of  Border Guards Airports in Rub’ al Khali ( Empty Quarter )

Construction of Command Centers of Air Monitoring – Second phase .

Maintenance and cleaning King Faisal Air Base and affiliated locations  in Tabuk – Northern Sector.

Rehabilitation of  the runway in Tayma Governorate.

Restoration of  patients wards and laboratory at Riyadh Military Hospital.

Construction of building and centers of Armed Forces’ Air Monitoring – first phase .

Insulation projects for Air Forces .

Rehabilitation and restoration of some buildings and facilities for King Faisal Air Base in Tabuk – Northern Sector.

Completion  of Air Monitoring construction phases .